Habitat Education

Habitat Education and Youth Requirements:

  • Illinois hunting license
  • Blaze orange hat & vest.
  • A credit card or check will be necessary to reserve a free USYF Youth Hunt. Failing to attend after a reservation is made, and without a 48-hour notice, a $50 fee will be assessed on your credit card. All fees will be a donation to USYF to assist with the services provided for the youth hunts. This policy will ensure that there will be limited missed opportunities for a child to go hunt, and the USYF volunteers will have time to schedule another child for this hunting opportunity.
  • Due to limited availability for the USYF youth hunts, preference will be given to those kids that have never experienced a youth bird hunt. In the event that all fields are reserved on a specified date, repeat customers will be asked to reschedule their hunts.
  • It is our mission at USYF to enable as many youth as possible the opportunity to enjoy this outdoor experience. Thank you in advance for your consideration and understanding.
  • USYF is looking for guides & volunteers to help out on our youth hunts. Please call or email us if you're interested.
  • Donations are graciously accepted. (Newsletter only $25.00 per year) In order to receive newsletter and updates, as well as to fund the youth hunts.

Pittman–Robertson Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act

In a nutshell, there is tax money available to be gotten form the STate Parks & WIldlife Departments to support certain aspects of Wildlife. The funds arise from a tax levied on all hunting licenses. This act has been put in existance for many years and has put millons into preserving wild lands and resources.

At the turn of the century, America seemed destined to lose much of it's wildlife. The destruction of habitat, industrialization, and the over exploitation of certain animals caused a significant decline in many species. Sponsored by Senator Key Pittman of Nevada and Congressman A. Willis Robertson of Virginia and signed into , the Wildlife Restoration Program of 1937, is oftenn referred to as the Pittman-Robertson Act.

  • Over 4 billion dollars have been generated for wildlife conservation.
  • More than 45 million acres of land are maintianed for wildlife across the country due to the Wildlife Restoration Program.
  • 750,000 Americans are trained every year in safe firearm practices, archery, and responsible behavior with funding from the Program.
  • Hundreds of public shooting ranges have been built with Program dollars
  • The contribution enables essential research to be conducted by more than 25,000 professional wildlife biologists.

You pay a 10-11% tax whenever you purchase a sporting firearm, ammunition, handgun, or archery equipment. The money is placed in the Wildlife Restoration Fund, and every year is parceled out to the states to pay for up to 75% of the costs for wildlife restoration, habitat acquisition, hunter education, research, and shooting range development. State hunting license fees contribute to the remaining 25% of the costs.

Sen. Pittman

A. Willis Robertson